Remote Services

Remote Visits

We are now offering Remote Care for our patients for health and safety during COVID times which allows for contactless visits from the convenience of your home for adjusting Hearing Instruments. It is also an option during non-COVID times to allow for easy, remote fine-tuning. Most Hearing Instrument manufacturers now have a programming device that can be connected to a Smartphone to allow for a clear visual and auditory connection to our Audiologists to adjust the Hearing Instruments while they are in your ears. We recommend an initial visit in the office to program new Hearing Instruments, however, subsequent visits can now be performed remotely for most Hearing Instrument manufacturers.

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Contactless Repair Services and Ordering of Supplies

We can also arrange to have any Hearing Instrument picked up by messenger or sent in via UPS or Fed-x for servicing and it can be returned to you (usually in the same day) via the same shipping method allowing for contactless servicing of your Hearing Instruments. Supplies such as batteries, wax guards domes and remote controls can also be ordered via email or phone and sent out the same day.

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