Hearing Instrument Evaluation and Fitting

There are several steps that are part of the Hearing Instrument Evaluation. If you suspect that you might need a Hearing Instrument, you will be scheduled for a hearing test or will be asked to bring a recent hearing test that has been performed within the last year. At the time of the Hearing Instrument Evaluation, a case history will be taken to determine the degree to which your hearing impairment impacts your day-to-day life, regarding understanding conversation with others in person or, on the telephone, speech clarity issues and the impact of enjoying TV or Zoom sessions.

Hearing Test Results

The results from your hearing test will provide us with the necessary information on the sounds you may be missing or misunderstanding and the resulting compromise for speech clarity. The results of this testing will also allow us to make specific recommendations for follow up and the dispensing of Hearing Instruments.

Hearing Instrument Recommendation and Fitting

If your hearing test reveals a hearing loss, Hearing Instruments will be recommended. We will explain what sounds you have difficulty hearing, and what Hearing Instruments can do to correct this issue. We will help you select the best Hearing Instrument style, technology, features and level of sophistication based on your degree of hearing loss and lifestyle. All Hearing Instruments have the option for direct to iPhone connectivity for the streaming of phone calls, video and TV as well as a special App for adjusting the Hearing Instruments. Hearing Instruments can also have additional wireless accessories for computers to assist in participating in Zoom sessions. Hearing Instruments can either be rechargeable or, can have the option of changing batteries.

Once selected, the Hearing Instruments will be ordered from the manufacturer and will be programmed to address your hearing loss and listening environments. The Hearing Instruments will be dispensed and fitted during a comprehensive appointment. All Hearing Instruments have small Digital computer chips which will be programmed according to your hearing loss to allow the Hearing Instrument to function automatically for your listening environments. During this visit, you will be instructed, in-depth, on how to insert the hearing instruments, how to change the batteries  (or how to use the charger if they are rechargeable Instruments) and how to care for the Instruments.  We will spend as much time as is necessary to ensure that you are comfortable not only with the sound quality of the Instruments but also with inserting and removing the Instrument. Hearing Instruments can be as simple or complex as you like but, no matter which technology you select, the Instruments will function automatically for all of your listening environments.

Direct To iPhone Connection And Accessories

All manufacturers have the capability for direct to iPhone connectivity which we will set up for you to enable you to stream phone calls, audio,( movies on an iPad) and TV as well as a special App for adjusting volume and programs on your Hearing Instruments.

Telcoil (Tcoil) Options

All Hearing Instruments have the possibility to have a Telecoil (Tcoil) option which allows for wireless connection in public spaces such as Broadway Theaters, Museums, Lecture Halls, banks, subway systems and some Movie Theaters. Please ask your Audiologist if this is an option which would be of interest to you.